The Eco-mesh stands out for its wide variety of colors that make up your collection:

We follow market trends and develop the color of your choice.


*** Ask for samples


There are two options of brightness available: Silver and Gold.

In all colors we can added golden and silver yarn to shine the mesh, once some segments of decoration and crafts need to add more sophistication and brightness to the product.

By adding the metallic yarn (silver and gold), the composition of the mesh will be approximately 3/1 (75% cotton / 25% metallized yarn)

The metallic yarn is not a natural product.




Understanding that each customer and each market segment has different needs, Eco-mesh can be completed with several cuts.

Our default cutting models are:

Rolls: 26in x 10yd

We also can cut into sheets with different width, rolls and ribbons.

For no additional cost the customization service in cut is a benefit and a gift given to the customer MeshDecor.




The stretching process is complex and takes into account the appearance of the product, touch and suitability for end decorative effect. We offer the possibility of a more robust and strong stretching, giving the product more consistent frame; or a softer mesh, allowing the use of a product more flexible to the touch.

Stretching options: Normal, Light and Strong

Our stretching pattern is the “Normal”, which provides a balanced texture, easy handling and good frame.

Customizing the gum is also a benefit at no additional cost to the customer.



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