What it is made of




Eco-mesh called DECORMESH is a starched mesh whose main characteristic is the use of cotton yarn in its composition.

There are two types of web: open and tight.



The Eco-mesh called NATURATTE is made of starched mesh whose characteristic is the use of recycled yarns as the main element in its composition. It brings a rustic and natural texture.

Still within the Naturatte line we highlight the product with mild gum, ideal for decorative baskets.

                                                           nt1_produtos nt2_produtos


The Eco-mesh called JUTEDECOR is made of starched mesh and has in its composition the mixture of yarn of jute and cotton yarn. The Jute is a typical plant of the tropics. In Brazil it is produced in the Amazon by coastal communities with strong social appeal and by hand, reinforcing our commitment to social and environmental.

                                                            jt1_produtos jt2_produtos


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